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Free to be Me

Here you have a healthy relationship defined in seven words.  They love you for who you are.  Do you have relationships where you feel you have to consistently edit yourself and dodge certain topics?  Do you feel like an “imposter”?  Or have thoughts like “if they really knew what I thought we wouldn’t be friends”?  I would tell you then that these are not genuine friends.  I found the quickest way to find out who the real ones are is to discuss politics or religious beliefs.  These previously “taboo” subjects have become mainstream today, especially fueled by fake news and social media.  I have navigated these treacherous waters and have lost people that I thought were my friends in the process.  Although I feel sad about this loss, I also feel secure in the fact that I have been true to my convictions and in so being been true to myself.  I can lay down at night with internal peace and that is truly priceless.  I have decided that I’d rather be in friendships where different views ca

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