What Color Are Your Dreams?

Hello!!! I have a question for you.  What color are your dreams?? Have they become grayed, muted and dull? Or are they alive and vibrantly colored and being put into action in your life ? Most of you know me as Lulu Schwall, the artist, but I have so many more facets to me like we all do.  I have recently experienced a “reawakening” if you will of dreams/interests I have left by the roadside.  I am excited to pick these back up and explore them again ...namely, fashion, beauty, photography/styling, cooking, relationships and of course art!!! I so love all of these areas and I am thankful that I don’t have to do just one!!! Life is too short to set limits on your creativity or passions!! I also found out there is a name for incorporating all of these areas into one space ...a “Lifestyle Blog”.  I’m excited to share my take on all of these areas with you and have a lot of fun doing it.  I’m not at my ideal weight, or ideal place in my life ... my life is not perfect and I don’t wish to show perfection in this blog...I’m committed to showing up in my life and I’m going to celebrate me where I am today ....this blog serves as an avenue for me to do just that!!  It’s so silly to wait until we are ready... we will never be truly ready.  I’m diving in with both feet.  

Dream On, 



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